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Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Max Pro

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Max Pro

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The next generation FDA cleared LED eye treatment device targets the 360 eye area to boost collagen, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and firm skin.
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This FDA-cleared, hands-free light therapy device is designed with 96 Red LED lights in 4 wavelengths (30% more lights than the original DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Device) to now target the full 360 eye area. Boost collagen for visibly firmer skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and smooth texture while diminishing puffiness, dark circles and uneven skin tone in a convenient 3 minute daily treatment time.


96 red lights emitting diodes penetrate deep within skin's dermis to stimulate collagen production for improve skin density, smoothed fine lines and wrinkles, and more even skin tone.



This device should be used regularly in order to maintain the battery life.
The battery's life may be shortened if the device is not used regularly.
Please charge the batteries at least after 10 times of use.

On clean dry skin, place the device comfortably over the eye area. (If needed, the strap is included for added comfort.) Power on the device and use it for the programmed treatment time of 3 minutes. The device will automatically shut off. Remove the device and follow with an eye serum and/or cream of your choice.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing effect even after one use.

Wonderful effect. I used it once and felt my face tighten up. I used it in front of a client and they wanted to try it too and she also had an immediate improvement. Using for a week now and extremely happy.

SkinCare Junkie 17
Easy to Use

This light therapy mask is easy to use but I find that the mask grips the sides of my face quite firmly leaving indents after use. The strap at the back of the mask which keeps it on during use is made of slippery silicone and often comes right out of the side anchor holes which is annoying. It would have been better to have velcro fasteners instead. I've only been using it for 3 weeks so far so not sure if I've noticed any improvements in my skin at this point.